Select Days Winter 2019 Star Trek Tour Open

Date(s) - 04/21/2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Star Trek - Original Series Set Tour


They’ll be open for select dates this winter season 2019!

The tour is generally about one hour long. You may take as many still photos as you wish, but no video as that contravenes the Star Trek License from CBS Studios, Inc.

Tour anticipates most winter tour slots will not be as crowded as during regular season days, so chance for more questions.

It is very likely James Cawley will be at studio most winter open days – a great source of Star Trek facts – a chance to ask a knowledgeable source those arcane questions.

All tours are guided. All tour guides are experienced at Star Trek Tour – with knowledge of many facts that may be less well known.

Many fans like to come, do an early tour and if they decide they want more details or photos, they return at 1PM and do a second tour.

The Tour Docents (guides) will even use your camera to take pics of your group on the Transporter, in front of some part of Engineering, or in the captain’s chair on the bridge. Hundreds of prop, set pieces and costumes are on display. There is even a 35mm cine camera that was at Desilu and used to film many TV series including some for TOS! (on long term loan by Cinematographer Jeff Baklage, SOC, ACE). And, a 1950s-era Moviola Camera Dolly!

Make the Trek!